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A Quimidrol

Quimidrol was founded in 1967, when it branched out of the Catarinense Drugstore and Pharmacy. It started out by importing chemical and pharmaceutical products. Its product line was later diversified and today Quimidrol is one of the leading distributors of chemical products. Ongoing company recognition, quality and reliability have always been Quimidrol's main goals.

In only a few years Quimidrol became a trusted market brand, being widely recognized by product and service quality.

Quimidrol is always investing in sustainability. As distributors, we set up partnerships with our suppliers to achieve actions and initiatives. The company has also stood out for internally striving to attain improvements ranging from workers' quality of life to product handling.

The company currently distributes chemical and pharmachemical products to a wide range of industrial sectors such as coatings, varnishes, textile, furniture and others.

Quimidrol also caters for the needs of other sectors such as home sanitation, cleaning and hygiene products, water treatment and paper.

In the dental sector, Quimidrol imports and distributes products for dental supply companies all over the country.

All this has made Quimidrol a key company in the development of the state of Santa Catarina and Brazil. Company investment and worker commitment have contributed to the development of the company.

A highly qualified staff at Quimidrol allows for the development of products and research that meet clients' needs. Our technical staff offers pharmacists, chemical engineers and technicians. Our highly trained commercial staff can provide optimum service for clients all over the domestic market.

A Quimidrol


A Quimidrol


Company facilities cover a 4.000 m2 area (43,000 ft2). Quimidrol operates at four locations to service clients and suppliers.

Corporate headquarters are located in the city of Joinville, state of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. There you will find our warehouse facilities for storage of raw material and finished products and also manufacturing, packaging, management and sales departments. Our bulk storage capacity exceeds 250.000 liters (nearly 60,000 gallons) of solvents for packaging and distribution.

A Quimidrol
A Quimidrol

joinville | Curtiba

Our retail branch is in the city of Joinville, state of Santa Catarina and Curitiba PR. At our Clean Shop (Quimishop) you can find Quimidrol products repackaged in small quantities and also general cleaning products, whether for corporations or for home use.

A Quimidrol
A Quimidrol


To be a leading company in the distribution of chemical, dental and cleaning products

A Quimidrol


To carry out business with the highest levels of ethics, aiming at adequate profitability for sustained company development.

To develop a committed, responsible and fair relationship with its staff.

To strive to achieve corporate and environment responsibility.



To meet clients' needs and expectations by offering high product and service quality and accomplishing return on investment, staff and shareholders' satisfaction.


Our client hotline is ready to answer your questions, listen to suggestions, offer price quotes and take order

E-mail: quimidrol@quimidrol.com.br

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